The art of value that endures

Krugerrand Art Commission

Few other fine gold coins has captured the popular imagination than the Krugerrand, becoming an icon in its own right. The Krugerrand is a commendable ambassador for South African and it is in the top ten of the most recognised brands internationally. To mark its golden jubilee, The South african Mint and Rand Refinery launched the the Witness campaign. The campaign is part of the strategy to revisit the 50 year old Krugerrand brand and position it for the 21th century.

The Witness campaign kicked of with the debut of the exhibition historical Krugerrands and artworks at the 2017 World Money Fair in Berlin. In addition to designing all event collateral, BBA was tasked to commission and curate an exhibition of artworks that marks iconic historical milestones over the past half century of the Krugerrand’s existence. The artworks, each representing an instance of extraordinary human endeavour, were exhibited as part of the Krugerrand Golden Jubilee stand at the WMF.




The first Heart Transplant ( 1967). Artist: Anton Karstel

BBA web_Krugerrand art fair2.png

Muhammad Ali's Rumble in the Jungle (1974).
Artist: Robyn Pretorius

BBA web_Krugerrand art fair3.png

Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989).
Artist: Mark Rautenbach

BBA web_Krugerrand art fair4.png

Dolly the Sheep is Born (1996). Artist: Nina Torr 

BBA web_Krugerrand art fair5.png

Usain Bolt becomes the Fastest Human (2009). Artist: Sindiso Nyoni

BBA web_Krugerrand art fair6.png

Homo Naledi Joins the Family Tree (2015). Artist: Lwandiso Njara


The eye-catching Krugerrand stand at the exhibition attracted a constant flow of visitors. BBA commissioned and curated a series of specially commissioned artworks that illustrated the epic world events the Krugerrand has born witness to. Each landmark event was visually echoed by a Krugerrand coin from the same  year - 50 Krugerrands for 50 years. Guests were also able to scroll through iPads reflecting other significant global events from the past half-century. The stand also included the original coin die traces as well as Coert Steynberg’s rarely seen original springbok drawings.


BBA web_Krugerrand art fair7.png


After its debut in Berlin earlier in 2017, the exhibition formed the central narrative of a custom designed stand we did for the 2017 FNB Joburg Art Fair

Central to the Art Fair stand was a custom designed installation that paid homage to Coert Steynberg’s original design drawings of prancing springbok. A multi tiered display stand, designed by renowned South African designer Joe Paine, houses a sequence of 15 glass disks, each featuring reproductions of one of these original drawings.