Samsung magazine


Samsung Electronics Africa tasked us to develop a custom publication that positioned Samsung in a more premium market category, as opposed to their regular mass market approach. The publication had to be in-line with Samsung's strategy to become a more content-driven organisation.


S13Q1 (the launch issue)


It was important to differentiate the publication from Samsung’s regular mass market approach. We retained the ‘S’ and the font from the Samsung brand name and simply added the annual year and quarter in the publication’s name and masthead, avoiding the notion and appearance of a brand brochure.

The S13/14 magazines were intended as a content marketing approach that inserted Samsung product information in the rich headspace of African art, design, lifestyle and popular culture. It represents a conversation between South Korea, Samsung’s brand home, and the African continent, expressing a premium lifestyle as well as advocating Samsung's Built for Africa initiatives on the continent.

The launch issue cover featured South African singer, and Samsung Brand Ambassador, Lira.



S13Q3 (the art issue)


The traditional Western art centres are increasingly culturally bankrupt and looking for new inspiration. So, it is a happy confluence that both Asia and Africa are rising in cultural influence at the same time as the technological revolution in online and mobile communication is sweeping across the globe. Africa stands poised to lead the trends and spearhead the debate. As a new and more urban breed of artist emerges from the continent, artforms are merging and ancient roots, remixed with Western and global influences, are being sent back out into the world. Smartphones are the new paint brushes and the internet is the new stage.

S13Q3, featuring Neli Xaba (FNB Art Fair-Artist of the year 2013) on the cover, featured a number of the contemporary voices from the African metropolis, including guest editor Charl Blignaut, Arts Editor at City Press and twice-winner of BASA’s ‘South Africa’s Arts Journalist Award’ (2013 - 2014).



S13Q4 (the celebration issue)


S13Q4 paid special tribute to some of the most inspiring young people from across the African continent. Their endurance, innovation and ambition in various fields have led to real life examples of awe-inspiring achievements, immortalized in history through this publication.

Jewellery designer Adele Dejak, who featured in the Samsung Amaze Africa projects, was our cover star for this issue guest edited by AfriPop’s editor Phiona Okumu. We reflected on the way things were, tracing the beginnings of present-day iconic brands. As we marveled at how far we have come, we cast an expectant glance into the future and hope all these stories of success renew reader's’ own journeys towards more personal bests and firsts in the time to come.




This S14Q1  issue of the magazine showcased new Samsung product releases and focused on the growth and impact of African innovation - from fashion to filmmakers and creatives  to venture capital and ecotourist destinations. Tech innovations like Africa centred app developments and technology for smart living gave a glimpse of 21st century African living. 

Cover: Lupita Nyongo ( After winning the Oscar for best supporting Actress)